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SnapTube APK – Here’s What You Need to Know


If you enjoy watching YouTube videos in your spare time, then we have just the perfect app for you. The app we are talking about is called SnapTube and it makes it possible for everyone to watch YouTube offline. Yes, you read that right! SnapTube can achieve the impossible task of downloading online videos from YouTube so that users can watch them later. To make things even more amazing, SnapTube can download videos from hundreds of other websites and this makes it a “must-have” for everyone who enjoys getting all their entertainment from online videos.

Online Entertainment

We think that no one is going to disagree with us when we say that online entertainment is taking over the world. Just look at Netflix for example. No one watches movies and shows on their TVs anymore. Cable companies basically force everyone to sit through hours of commercials before they can even watch a movie and this is why YouTube and Netflix are getting more popular by the day.

Considering that thousands of new and interesting videos are being uploaded on the internet every single day, this makes SnapTube a source of endless entertainment. With that said, people who enjoy watching online videos are going to have a blast after they give SnapTube a try because this app lets them watch online videos while offline, thus making it possible for SnapTube fans to watch their favorite shows while traveling or at any other time when there isn’t a free Wi-Fi network around.

SnapTube APK

One of the best things about SnapTube is that even though this app is free to use, it still receives full-fledged developer support. This means that SnapTube is constantly being improved through updates that take its performance to the next level. In fact, a brand-new update for SnapTube has just arrived and it changes the app’s version number to

The first thing we need to mention about this new update is that it’s available in the form of APK. This means that all SnapTube fans who are interesting in getting it are required to do it manually. This is the case with all APK.

Not just that, but APK is an acronym that stands for “Android Package Kit” and therefore, the new update is exclusive to Android powered smartphones that have the “Unknown Sources” feature enabled.

Bug Fixes

The reason why all SnapTube should make sure to get the new update is that it comes with a plethora of bug fixes. Even though receiving bug fixes might not be as awesome as getting access to new features or visual changes, this doesn’t mean that bug fixes are not important. These bug fixes make sure that SnapTube will never crash in the middle of downloading videos.

Improved Performance

Another important thing that is being introduced alongside this latest APK update are software tweaks. Therefore, SnapTube fans who want to make sure that their favorite app is downloading online videos as fast as it can, they should get the new update as soon as possible.

Download Online Videos and Free Music

Back to SnapTube’s key features, this app is renowned throughout the Android community for its ability to download online videos and free music. The fact that SnapTube can download any online video in a matter of seconds makes the app priceless, but despite that, SnapTube is still free to download and everyone can get it. In addition, SnapTube fans should know that they can download music videos and then convert them to MP3 files via the app’s pre-installed MP3 converter.