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SnapTube: How to Download Online Videos Directly On the MicroSD Card


Even though websites and apps where people can find entertaining videos to watch in their free time might not allow users to download those videos, SnapTube is here to provide everyone with an alternative. SnapTube can download online videos, but not just that. SnapTube can also download free music and podcasts with the help of its pre-installed MP3 converter.

Now that we presented what are the main features of SnapTube, today we want to show everyone a step by step guide on how to download online videos directly on a smartphone’s microSD card in order to save up that precious internal storage space.

How to Download Online Videos On the MicroSD

  1. The first step is to access the “Menu” button which can be found in the upper left-hand side of SnapTube’s user interface;
  2. Next, scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap on the “Settings” option;
  3. Tap on “Download Settings” and then on “General Settings”;
  4. Now, tap again on the “Download Path” option and select the “External Storage” option.

Why Everyone Should Download On the MicroSD Card

The main reason why everyone who uses SnapTube should download online videos directly on their microSD card and not on the internal storage space is because this will free more room for native apps and the operating system. The second reason is that saving the downloaded videos on the microSD card makes it easier to export them on a PC for example.


As we can clearly see, changing the app’s settings in order to download online videos and all other types of media directly on the microSD card is not complicated at all. Everyone can do it and it doesn’t take longer than one minute. Lastly, SnapTube users should make sure that they have enough free space on the microSD before they start to download large videos.