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Sniper Elite 5 Gets New Map and Weapons – Watch Trailer for the “Landing Force” Mission

Credit: Rebellion

Rebellion’s Sniper Elite series never ceases to amaze us. The fifth major iteration of the tactical stealth shooter is now getting the Landing Force mission, one that assures the implementation of a new multiplayer map and new weapons for Karl Fairburne’s deadly arsenal.

Sniper Elite 5 players can already get a taste of what the new Landing Force mission has to offer. There’s the ‘Flooded Village’ multiplayer map where elite snipers can prove once again what they’re made of. This new map seems to be obligating players to choose heights and vantage points, meaning to bring out their sniper rifles rather than choosing to be stealthy while they try to prevail.

The new Sniper Elite 5 mission also brings the D.L. Carbine Rifle, as well as the PPSH submachine gun for the players to use. Those who have been playing previous Sniper Elite titles know very well that the Carbine was one of the most powerful sniper rifles of them all.

Here’s the reveal trailer to prove that we’re telling the truth:

The location for Sniper Elite 5 is set in France, and of course, the context can be described in just one simple term: World War II. The location indeed represents a premiere in the tactical stealth shooter series. The previous Sniper Elite 4, the game that came out in 2017, was set in Italy. Sniper Elite 3, which came out three years earlier, had its location in Northern Africa, having missions named Gaberoun, Siwa Oasis, Pont du Fahs Airfield, and so on. Sniper Elite V2, the 2012 title and the very first Sniper Elite game that came out almost two decades ago, were both set in Germany.

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