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Sony Rakes In $2.1 Billion in PlayStation 4 Profits


Everyone knows that Sony is making loads of money selling PlayStation units, but have you ever wondered just how much money? In case you actually wondered about this, then you should be happy to know that Sony has published its sales reports for Q2 and it showed that Sony raked in $2.1 billion in profit. This is super impressive and it’s a record for Sony when it comes to quarterly year sales.

PlayStation is Dominating the Gaming Industry

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is always compared to Microsoft’s Xbox One because they offer similar features and performances, but it looks like PlayStation 4 is dominating the gaming industry in 2019. Considering that PlayStation 4 sales keep going up each year, we think it’s safe to say that Sony is on the winning side when compared to Microsoft.

Sony Sold 86 Million Units of PlayStation 4

The Q2 report reveals that Sony has sold 86 million PlayStation 4 units this year. The reason why Sony is so successful is rather simple, Sony invests money in exclusive titles which make it difficult for Microsoft and Nintendo to even compare.

The perfect example of this is the release of God of War 3 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. God of War 3 will go on to win the GOTY (game of the year) award and its one of the primary reasons why PlayStation 4 has been selling so well.

Xbox One Fans are Switching Sides

The fact that Sony keeps releasing so many PlayStation 4 exclusives is making Xbox One fans switch camps. If there’s something that we can take from this is that Microsoft and Nintendo need to step up their game if they want to keep competing against Sony and maybe come out on the winning side for once. Do you think Microsoft and Nintendo will also launch as many AAA titles in 2019 as Sony did this year?