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Get the New Vidmate 3.4507 APK with Bug Fixes and Software


Even though it might sound like an impossible job to download online videos, VidMate is here to make that possible! This app is renowned throughout the Android community for being able to take down online videos from all streaming platforms and this is what makes it so popular. However, VidMate offers many more features than just downloading online videos and today we are going to present them all, but not before going over the latest APK update available for VidMate fans to download.

New Updates

There are a bunch of similar apps that can download online videos such as TubeMate and SnapTube, but VidMate has a big edge when compared against them. What makes VidMate better is the fact that its always being updated.

The app is constantly improving because the developer team behind VidMate is always pushing new APKs which introduce software tweaks, bug fixes, and even new features sometimes.

New Vidmate 3.4507 APK

The latest update for VidMate features the 3.4507 version number and it’s available right now. Since this is an APK (Android Package Kit) update, VidMate users are required to download and install it manually on their smartphone in order to get access to all the software optimization tweaks that it brings ahead of everyone else.

The reason why VidMate’s developers release the newest updates for the app in the form of APK is so that eager users can download them before anyone else gets the chance and test out if the new software tweaks and bug fixes work accordingly.

The only thing that users need to do other than to manually download and install the update when it comes to APKs is to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature that can be found in the Settings panel of all Android-powered smartphones.

What’s New?

Since this is a new update, the developers have made sure to bundle it with a handful of bug fixes that take care of some known issues. Therefore, the new update improves VidMate’s overall stability and it makes it so that the app software doesn’t crash while users are downloading their favorite online videos.

Download Movies and TV Shows

As we previously mentioned, VidMate is renowned for being able to download online videos. However, the app’s features are not limited to that since VidMate can also download full HD online movies and TV shows without any problems.

Download Podcasts

One of the coolest things about VidMate is the fact that it makes it possible for users to download their favorite podcasts and then listen to them whenever they want. This makes VidMate a great app for people who have to drive a long way to work or school because they can keep themselves entertained on the road while listening to a podcast from famous comedians such as Joe Rogan, Theo Von, and many others. In addition, VidMate users can also expand their knowledge about the world by listening to scientific podcasts.

Download Free Music

What many people don’t know about VidMate is that this app can help people expand their music library for free. The reason why people don’t realize that VidMate can do this is because there is a trick to it. VidMate ships with a pre-installed MP3 converter that can take any music video and transform into a simple song.

Moreover, users can also convert podcasts into MP3 tracks if they are not interested in the video footage. Doing this will significantly reduce storage space required for the podcast to download. Therefore, accessing the pre-installed MP3 converter is something that all VidMate fans should consider doing.