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Subway Surfers Chicago – Top 3 Tips & Tricks to Get Better in No Time


Subway Surfers is a great mobile game that is renowned in the Android community for the fun gameplay experience that it offers. Even though Subway Surfers is packed with tons of cool features, this is not what makes the game stand out so much from all the other millions of titles available for download on the Google Play Store. What makes the gameplay Subway Surfers offers special is the fact that it’s challenging.

If you want to finish all levels in Subway Surfers and get the highest score on the leaderboards, then you need to be skilled at the game. If you don’t have enough time to put in the game in order to learn all tricks, then you have arrived at the right website because today we are going to present the top 3 tips and tricks that all Subway Surfers players should learn.

#1 Always Use Two Fingers

Even though this tip might sound like a “no-brainer” to most of you, there are many Subway Surfers fans who are playing the game with only one finger. Truth be told, playing with one finger feels right because it’s comfortable but this is not the best way to play the game. Always keep two fingers hovering over the display when playing Subway Surfers and you will get better in no time.

#2 Run On the Trains

There are multiple ways that Subway Surfers run but the best one is on trains. Simply jump on trains and do your best to stay there if you want the easiest route. In addition, Subway Surfers fans will need to practice their jump timing in order to stay on trains.

#3 How to Get Free Coins

If you ever run out of coins and don’t want to spend any real money for them, then you should be pleased to know that you can always watch ad videos and get coins for free. The videos can be found in Shop – Earn Coins.