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Telegram X Beta Update – 8 New Features are Now Available


Chatting online is easy and fast. On the downside of things, it’s not always safe. This is where Telegram comes in. This is a chatting app that has made its name in the Android and iOS communities by providing users with a safe platform where they can communicate without having to worry that a third-party might intercept the messages or the files that they are sending. If you like using Telegram, then you are going to love Telegram X.

Telegram X is an enhanced version of the chatting app and it is based on TDLib. Therefore, Telegram X provides faster chatting speeds, slicker animations, and more importantly, access to exclusive features that are in the experimental stage. To make things even better, Telegram X is updated on a regular basis with improvements.

Telegram X Beta Update

The best thing that Telegram X fans can do is to join the beta program. The reason why we are saying that is because Telegram X fans who are enrolled in the beta program are always among the first ones to receive access to the latest updates. In fact, a new update which sports the beta version number has just started rolling out.

The update is available to download via over the air channels, but it can also be manually downloaded and installed in the form of APK. Since the APK acronym stands for “Android Package Kit”, then it should come as no surprise that the new update is available only to Android users.

What’s New?

– Three-lines chats list. Change via Settings — Themes and Chats — Chats List Style
– Icons in the chats list for media messages
– New emoji
– New animation when opening profile & view long chat titles
– Unified notifications & chats list message preview
– Resend failed messages
– Albums and multiple forwarded messages display as one notification