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Telegram X Beta Update – New Emojis, Useful Features and Faster Performances


Even though the internet is amazing, we shouldn’t forget that the internet is not always a safe place. This is why security needs to be everyone’s top priority when it comes to the apps that they install on their smartphones. This is where Telegram X comes in. Telegram X is a highly popular chatting app that does an excellent job of providing users with high-level privacy and security. Therefore, you can be sure that hackers, malware or any other third-parties can never access your conversations.

One of the reasons why Telegram X manages to stay ahead of malware and keep its users safe is because the app is updated on a regular basis with software improvements. If you want to access all the latest updates for Telegram X, then you should consider enrolling in the beta program. In fact, a new update has just started rolling out for beta users earlier today.

Telegram X Beta Update

If you are enrolled in the beta program of Telegram X, then we have some great news to share with you! As previously mentioned, the developers who are in charge of Telegram X have just published a new update and it is rolling out via OTA (over the air) channels. The update is exclusively available to beta users right now, but it will surely start rolling out to all users during the upcoming weeks.

What’s New?

The new update for Telegram X introduces a handful of improvements that fans are going to love! In fact, let’s go over the full patch notes so that we can see what all the “goodies” that the update brings.

  • Three-lines chats list. Change via Settings — Themes and Chats — Chats List Style
  • Icons in the chats list for media messages
  • New emoji
  • New animation when opening profile & view long chat titles
  • Unified notifications & chats list message preview
  • Resend failed messages
  • Albums and multiple forwarded messages display as one notification