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YouTube Music 3.49.53 Update – Check Out the New “Discover Mix” Feature!


If you love listening to music on YouTube but hate the fact that you can’t lock the screen of your smartphone and that you need to deal with constant ads, then we have just the perfect app for you! We are talking about YouTube Music. This is a new app in the music streaming industry and it provides users with all the tools that they need to find their favorite music, discover new songs and listen to it all on-demand. Nonetheless, YouTube Music is making headlines on our website today because a brand-new update has just arrived.

YouTube Music 3.49.53 Update

Considering the fact that YouTube is one of the world’s biggest software companies and that it is directly in charge of YouTube Music, then it should come as no surprise that the music streaming app is updated on a daily basis with improvements and new features. The latest update for YouTube Music sports the 3.49.53 version number and it is now available to download by all users. Now, let’s see what are the improvements that the update brings.

Introducing: Discover Mix

YouTube Music fans should be happy to know that the new update doesn’t only come with a handful of bug fixes and instead, it introduces a brand-new feature called Discover Mix. The new feature allows users to access a personalized playlist with songs that they are going to like.

The songs listed in Discover Mix are based on what users listen to the most. Not just that, but Discover Mix is going to be updated with a new set of songs each Wednesday so that YouTube Music fans always have something new to discover.

Improved Software Stability

We also want to note that the new update introduces bug fixes that are targeting various issues which sometimes caused YouTube Music to lag. Fortunately, this is not going to happen anymore.