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Telegram X Beta Update – Check Out the Latest Features!


Telegram is a highly popular app and this is all thanks to the fact that it provides users with a safe place where they can communicate with their friends and family members. Not just that, but Telegram is also equipped with lots of useful features. If you like using Telegram, then you might want to give Telegram X a try. This is an enhanced version of the chatting app that uses a client based on TDLib. The alternative client helps Telegram X offer higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features.

Talking about experimental features, we have some great news to share with Telegram X fans. The developers who are in charge of the app have just released a new update that sports the beta version number and it comes with lots of new features and improvements. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out the new features.

Telegram X Beta Update

Right from the start, we want to highlight that the only Telegram X users who can access the new update are those who are enrolled in the beta program. Fortunately, everyone who uses an Android-powered smartphone and is willing to provide the developers with feedback is welcomed to the beta program.

  • Three-lines chats list. Change via Settings — Themes and Chats — Chats List Style
  • Icons in the chats list for media messages
  • New emoji
  • New animation when opening profile & view long chat titles
  • Unified notifications & chats list message preview
  • Resend failed messages
  • Albums and multiple forwarded messages display as one notification

How to Download the New Update

Telegram X fans should be pleased to know that the new update is rolling out via official OTA (over the air) channels. This means that everyone who keeps their smartphone connected to Wi-Fi is eligible to download the update.