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The Digital Painting App Adobe Fresco Becomes Available in the Microsoft Store

Credit: Unsplash.com

If painting has always been among your hobbies, we have great news for you. Adobe has launched an app called Fresco in the Microsoft Store. You can use the software to put your talent to work and create digital paintings. The software is available only as an x64 version in the Microsoft Store.

Adobe Fresco can be used for both painting and drawing. The software has been designed for artists, but ordinary people are also free to try it out. You can use Fresco with both a stylus and by simply touching the display and drawing the patterns you need.

Adobe Fresco is available for FREE

It’s free of charge to use the new Adobe Fresco app. At first glance, there’s also no sign of possible in-app purchases, as it happens many times when it comes to free software. However, there’s also a premium version of the app available, and it comes with some pretty interesting features. For instance, it allows you to import .abr files of your Photoshop brushes and gain access to more than a thousand unique brushes.

Here’s a part of Fresco’s description via Microsoft to get a better idea of the app’s capabilities:

“Whether you prefer a canvas or a sketch pad, watercolor or oils, Fresco has you covered. Easily paste reference images from your clipboard to trace and practice your form. Make your artwork even more dynamic by using our motion tools or show off your process with family and friends by exporting a timelapse video. Take your designs even further using transform effects like liquify. “

Adobe Fresco is available in 25 languages, meaning that you have a huge chance to learn how to deal with the app fast enough. Among those languages, we can find Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, and a lot more.