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Top SnapTube Features to Download Online Videos


People who enjoy watching online videos on their smartphones in order to pass up free time and to keep themselves entertained are going to love SnapTube! If this is the first time that you are reading about this app, then all that you need to know is that SnapTube possesses the required features that it needs in order to download online videos from everywhere.

With that said, SnapTube provides users with the ability to watch their favorite online videos while offline. To make things even better, the app is equipped with a bunch of other entertainment-focused features and today we are going to present the best of them.

Top SnapTube Features

  • Friendly UI and Customized Search Results

The first top feature of SnapTube that we want to cover is the app’s friendly UI (user interface). Even though downloading online videos in order to watch them while offline might sound like a complicated task that only people with extensive software knowledge can do, this is not the case for SnapTube. The app’s friendly UI is intuitive and downloading online content is super easy with SnapTube.

To top it all off, the app’s UI is equipped with a highly optimized search engine that can be used in order to find cool videos and download them. The cool thing about SnapTube’s video search engine is the fact that it takes into account the type of videos that the users like to watch by analyzing the search history in order to provide better results.

Not only that, but SnapTube will also present lots of videos in a layered format with small thumbnails that make it easier for users to find and pick the videos that they want to watch.

  • Download Multiple Videos at Fast Speeds

The second top feature of SnapTube on our list is the app’s ability to download multiple videos at the same time. This feature is really useful for people who enjoy binge watching shows because it makes it possible for them to download multiple videos at the same time so that they don’t have to wait too long.

SnapTube has a download limit set by default but users can change it to how many videos they want just by accessing the “Settings” panel.

Considering the fact that SnapTube is an app which excels at downloading online videos, no one should be shocked to find out that this app’s software has been optimized to the point that SnapTube can download large online videos in a couple of seconds. SnapTube uses a special system called multiple thread connections which means that the app will use numerous sources in order to boost the connection speed.

  • Free Podcasts and Music

The last thing that we want to cover about SnapTube is the app’s ability to download other types of media outside of online videos. SnapTube is equipped with a built-in MP3 converter that can be used in order to download all the latest music videos and then to transform them into simple tracks.

We also want to share a trick with all SnapTube users who enjoy listening to podcasts. As we all know, podcasts are uploaded in video format and they last between two to three hours. However, the video footage of podcasts is not that important and the audio is what really matters.

This is where the MP3 converter comes in and saves the day. Clever SnapTube users can take the large podcast and transform it into MP3 format in order to save up some of that precious storage space on their microSD cards.