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Top Three New Amazon Alexa Commands


Amazon struck gold when it designed the Alexa devices. Having an Echo Dot around the house is really useful and fun which makes the Echo Dot a great Christmas gift. What’s even better is the fact that Amazon has invested lots of time and effort into developing Alexa to the point that it’s considered to be the best AI (artificial intelligence) assistant in the entire world.

Nonetheless, we can be sure that many people have purchased Alexa devices as Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Therefore, today we want to present the latest commands that Amazon has “taught” Alexa so that new users know what the AI assistant is capable of. With that being said, let’s get into it.

New Alexa Commands

#1 Alexa Timers

One of the coolest Alexa features that most people don’t about are timers. The timers can be used in all types of scenarios such as when cooking the precious Christmas dinner with commands such as “alexa, “Alexa, set a timer for fifteen minutes”. What’s even better is the fact that users can also tell the AI assistant to extend the timer with commands such as “Alexa add five minutes to my timer”.

#2 Checking The Email

Even though this feature might seem like something obvious, we still have to go over it since it’s really useful. Amazon has made sure to equip Alexa with the necessary features to help people access their email while hands-free with basic commands such as “Alexa, check my email”. To top it all off, users can also respond, delete and archive emails via Alexa.

#3 Location-Based Reminders

The last new Alexa command that we are going to leave you with are Location-Based reminders. This feature will come in quite handy for people who like to set reminders with things that they usually forget about such as “Alexa, remind me to start working on the new paper when I get to the office”.