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Top Three Video Conferencing Software For Training


Teachers and instructors across the world have proven their mettle during this global pandemic. As the whole world came to a standstill, training and educational institutions made sure the transfer of knowledge remains continuous by providing online training.

However, if you are one of the instructors that is just starting out, you must know that delivering effective online classes is no easy task. 

While it is true that the instructors’ efforts in ensuring the learners/students are able to understand them are critical, using the right tools is also equally important.

The right video conferencing software provides you with the features and tools you need to deliver an engaging training experience. Using a user-friendly software would also ensure your learners can be a part of your training without facing any hassles.

However, video conferencing software is not a new technology. As a result, there are several options available in the market. Unfortunately, most of these options are geared towards corporate collaboration instead of training.

To help you make the right choice, we have prepared a list of our top picks of video conferencing tools for training. Let’s look at each one briefly:

Adobe Connect

Being a premium product, Adobe claims that their web conferencing software Connect is the most feature-loaded conferencing tool ever. The product has won multiple awards, including two awards for the best webinar and training conferencing software.

Adobe Connect offers all the standard features of a web conferencing software, but takes its utility a step further by providing the ability to integrate the conferencing tool with your existing elearning tools. Moreover, Adobe Connect also allows you to brand your virtual sessions.

Besides these advantages, the best part of using an Adobe product is the excellent support team behind each of their offerings. The case of Adobe Connect is no exception. While it is a superb product, it’s not perfect. However, in the event of a query or mishap, you can rest assured that you will be greeted with an award winning support team.

Apache OpenMeetings

The Apache OpenMeetings is a free web conferencing software that was designed while keeping the needs of online instructors in mind. OpenMeetings is loaded with features like screen sharing, two way audio, built in video recording capabilities that make it a robust tool for conducting online classes.

The best part, however, is that all these features are easily accessible, thanks to the incredibly intuitive user interface of OpenMeetings.


The BigBlueButton is an open source video conferencing software that was exclusively designed for academic purposes. This laser focused audience targeting of the BigBlueButton means that some may find its feature set to be a bit limited.

Another downside of using an open source product like BigBlueButton is that the availability of support is often scarce and delayed. Since nobody is getting paid for the support, you will have to depend on the community to help you with your doubts and queries. Thankfully, the BigBlueButton community is strong and there are many forums where one can find answers to common questions.

Moreover, if you have the technical skill set, you can customise the BigBlueButton to your exact needs. While it may take some time, having a custom built product is extremely advantageous.


There you have it, our three favorite video conferencing tools for training. Have you used any of these? Did we forget to mention your favorite tool?

Tell us about your experience with video conferencing tools in the comment section below!