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TubeMate 3.2.5 (1109) Update with Software Improvements and Bug Fixes Goes Live Today!


Everyone who has ever used TubeMate in order to download online videos knows that the most powerful feature that this app has to offer is not the fact that it can download online content, but the smooth user experience that it offers. TubeMate is equipped with a friendly and intuitive UI (user interface) and this makes it possible for everyone to download online videos, even for people who have no experience with tools that can download online videos.

Therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that the latest update for TubeMate which has arrived today (April 11th) focuses on taking TubeMate’s user experience to the next level. The developers of the app know just how important it is for their app’s UI to run smoothly and this is why they are improving it with every new update that they release.

TubeMate 3.2.5 (1109) Update

TubeMate’s latest update sports the 3.2.5 (1109) version number and it weighs in at 8.24MB. Even though this is a lightweight update, TubeMate fans shouldn’t be fooled and think that it’s not important.

Despite its small size, the update packs a bunch of software tweaks and bug fixes that have been designed to improve the already premium user experience that the app offers.

Improved Software Stability

As previously mentioned, the new update introduces a bunch of bug fixes. These bug fixes take care of known issues which caused TubeMate to lag and even to randomly crash at times. Fortunately, TubeMate fans can say goodbye to those issues because the new bug fixes are improving the app’s overall software stability.

System Requirements

Now that we presented the “goodies” that the latest update for TubeMate introduces, let’s also check out which are the system requirements to install it. The only requirement to install the new update is to have a smartphone that runs on a minimum of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and to have the “Unknown Sources” option enabled.