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The Industry’s Bubbliest Collaboration Ever: Realme Unveils The Coca-Cola Edition Of The 10 Pro 5G

Credit: Realme

By confirming the existence of a new limited version of the Realme 10 Pro 5G, Realme has burst the “Cola-Phone” rumor bubble. There is no doubt that the next Android smartphone version will be inspired by the ubiquitous soda, but it appears that the release will be limited to a single market. The “Cheers for Real” event on February 10, 2023 at 12:30 IST will dish out the Android 13 smartphone to an Indian audience (08:00 CET).

Credit: Realme

To create licensed special editions of existing smartphones, Realme has a brief but already solid history of collaborating with iconic brands and franchises; however, the most recent example of these partnerships may be the biggest yet. As part of the deal in question, the company will soon release a fresh batch of the 10 Pro as the first-ever Coca-Cola Edition smartphone.

The back of the Realme 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola edition will be a matte black and red color scheme with prominent red Coca-Cola branding. Dual camera modules will be denoted by a crimson border. As part of the deal, Realme has announced that the Coca-Cola edition phone will ship in a specially designed box with additional goodies. You’ll get a realmeow Coca-Cola figure, some do-it-yourself stickers, a SIM card needle, and a card with a number that indicates which of the 6,000 units produced worldwide is yours.

They are expected to have similar specifications to their normal counterparts; however, it is already obvious that they will arrive in a new color and be covered with famous branding, even on the Snapdragon 695-powered smartphones’ flattened frames.
Since the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) describes the “refreshing” rebrand as containing customized Coca-Cola features, these additions to Realme UI 4.0 could be present in the limited edition 10 Pro.