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Uber Lite 1.145.10000: You Can Download the APK NOW

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Getting a ride to a place where you have to arrive fast is nothing complicated in 2022, but it becomes a bit of a challenge if you don’t choose the right app for the job. If you’re not satisfied anymore with what the Uber app has to offer, you can also give its ‘little brother’ a try, the Uber Lite app!

Not all Android phones out there pack an insane amount of storage space and RAM. Furthermore, it surely becomes a problem if you have too many apps, videos, games, and other kinds of files stored on your phone. Finding room for the usual Uber app can become a little problematic. That’s where the Uber Lite app comes to the scene!

Download Uber Lite 1.145.10000 APK via APKMirror Now!

Uber Lite 1.145.10000 APK is here and available for download from APKMirror, the same place where you can find tons of APKs for your favorite Android apps and games! There’s no change log exposed, but surely the update has its role!

To get the new update for Uber Lite, you’ll need to have a device that’s running on a minimum of Android 7. There are two download versions, a simple APK file, and an APK bundle.

Here’s a short description of the Uber Lite app published on the Google Play Store:

“Uber Lite is a new, simple way to request a ride. This simpler version of the Uber app works on any android phone while saving storage space and data. Plus, it’s easy to learn and use, and it’s designed to work even in low connectivity areas.”

Uber Lite has been downloaded from the Play Store over 10 million times. The users seem to generally be satisfied with what the app has to offer. We would be curious to find out if they’ll have the same perception regarding the new 1.145.10000 update.