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UC Browser Mini APK Update is Now Available


Hands down, the best thing about carrying a smartphone in your pocket all times is getting to surf the web whenever you want. There are thousands of useful apps that you can get on a smartphone, but the most important one is a good browser.

Obviously, all Android smartphones ship with Google Chrome pre-installed on them, but this doesn’t mean that Android users need to stick with Google Chrome. There are always alternatives and UC Browser Mini is the perfect example of that.

Introducing UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini is a powerful browser that has been designed for mid-range smartphones. Therefore, UC Browser Mini doesn’t require any powerful hardware specs in order to run and it will always deliver stellar performances. What makes UC Browser Mini stand out from all the other browsers is the fact that it’s a lightweight app and it doesn’t take up that much internal storage space.


One of the best things about using UC Browser Mini as your main mobile web browser is that the developers of the app are always improving its performances through APK updates. UC Browser Mini is constantly getting better via APKs and a brand-new update has just arrived.

The latest APK update for UC Browser Mini sports the “” build number and it focuses on enhancing the app’s overall user experience by adding bug fixes and software tweaks. Therefore, UC Browser Mini users who want to make sure that their favorite app is running at a peak-performance level should make sure to get their hands on the new update as soon as possible.

Final Words

The final thing that we need to mention about the new UC Browser Mini update is that since it comes in the form of APK (Android Package Kit), users are required to manually download and install it on their smartphones. This is how APK updates work.