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VidMate – Offline Video Entertainment at Its Finest


VidMate is one of the best apps that Android fans can download and install on their smartphones because the app makes it possible to watch online videos while offline. Even though this might sound like an impossible task, VidMate can make videos from any online streaming platform (YouTube included) available while offline. However, downloading online videos only scratching the surface of what VidMate can do and today we are going to present all of the app’s best features.

Watch Videos While Offline

As we previously mentioned, even though it might seem impossible to watch online videos without an internet connection, VidMate has been optimized to be able to do just that. The great thing about VidMate is that the app is equipped with a simple UI (user interface) that makes it easy for everyone to use its plethora of features and not just the tech-savvy users.

Nonetheless, VidMate can download online videos in a matter of seconds from all online streaming platforms, but things don’t end there. VidMate can also download all types of multimedia files and this means that VidMate users will get access to free music and podcasts.

Download TV Shows

TV shows are taking over the entertainment world and there’s no doubt about that. No one goes to the cinema to watch a movie anymore when they can simply watch incredible TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and so on. However, what do you do if you ever miss an episode? Well, this is where VidMate comes in and saves the day.

VidMate can download the most recent episodes of all TV shows and this is what makes the app so powerful. VidMate fans never have to tune in to the TV in order to watch their favorite shows because they can simply watch them on their smartphones via VidMate.

How to Use VidMate on PC

One of the coolest things about VidMate is that even though this app is exclusive to Android-powered smartphones, there is a trick to make it run on a PC/laptop as well. The trick here is to download and install an Android Emulator software and then to simply install the latest APK version of VidMate.

Download Free Music

What many people don’t know about VidMate is that this app also excels at downloading music. To make things even better, VidMate features songs from every country in the world and therefore, VidMate will provide all users with music that fits their liking.

Not just that, but clever VidMate users can also download music videos from their favorite artists and then convert them to simple tracks by using the app’s pre-installed MP3 converter.

Download Podcasts

Just like VidMate can be used to download music videos and then to convert them to MP3 formats, this can also be done with podcasts. Nearly every popular podcast gets uploaded on platforms such as YouTube and VidMate users can download them on their smartphones so that they can listen to them while offline. We advise all VidMate users to convert podcasts to MP3 for two reasons.

The first reason is so that the podcast’s size gets significantly reduced because the smartphone will only need to store the audio file and secondly, VidMate users will be able to lock their smartphones while listening to the podcast.

Wrapping Things Up…

We think we made it clear that VidMate is a great app to have around. VidMate will make sure that people will always have their smartphone’s microSD cards filled with entertaining videos, podcasts and music that they can listen to while offline and this is what makes VidMate a “must-have” app.