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VidMate – Top Features and New 3.5909 APK Update


VidMate is one of the best apps that you can have on your smartphone. The reason why we are saying that is because VidMate is equipped with a plethora of features that have been specially designed to make sure that users can get all the video entertainment they want, even while offline! The way this works is rather simple, VidMate can download media files from all types of websites and apps.

Downloading Videos with VidMate

What’s great about VidMate is the fact that this app is simple to use. The developers of the app have equipped it with a friendly and intuitive UI (user interface) which makes it possible even for people who don’t have any knowledge about using apps to download online videos with VidMate. Not just that, but the speed at which VidMate downloads videos is also very impressive!

Where to Download Videos with VidMate From?

Even though the fact that VidMate can download online videos is a powerful tool to have, this is not the best thing about the app. The thing that separates VidMate from other apps that can also download online videos is that VidMate can download videos from everywhere. In fact, we are going to present a list with the top 15 best websites where VidMate can download online videos from.

  • Liveleak;
  • Twitter;
  • Tune;
  • Dailymotion;
  • DailyTube;
  • Vevo;
  • Vivo;
  • Whatsappdaily
  • YouTube;
  • Facebook;
  • Metacafe;
  • Soundcloud;
  • Instagram;
  • Vine;
  • 3gpmania.

These are only fifteen of the websites and apps where VidMate can download content from, but the list is much longer. Nonetheless, let’s check out what are some of VidMate’s other features that it has to offer.

Download Free Music

What many people don’t know about VidMate is that this app doesn’t only excel at download online videos, VidMate can also download free music. However, there is a trick to making this feature work. VidMate ships with a pre-installed MP3 converter that people can use whenever they download a music video from websites such as YouTube. With that being said, VidMate provides users with a free way of expanding their music library.

The App is Free of Charge

Talking about free things, this might come as a surprise, but VidMate is free to use. Everyone who wishes to give VidMate a try can do it without having to pay a single dime. Although, readers shouldn’t be fooled by VidMate’s inexistent price tag because this is still a premium app that offers stable software and pleasant user experience.

New Updates

One of the best things about VidMate is that the app is always improving. Despite already shipping with the powerful ability to download online videos and free music, the VidMate developer team is always “cooking up” new updates that take the app’s performances to the next-level. In fact, a brand-new update has just arrived and we are going to present it today.

VidMate 3.5909 APK

The latest update for VidMate sports the 3.5909 build number and it’s available in the form of APK. This means that the update can only be installed on Android powered smartphones and that it’s not being rolled out OTA (over the air).

The update was released one week ago and the only things that it requires in order to be installed on a smartphone is for the device to run on a minimum of Android 4.0 or higher and to have 10.99MB of free internal storage space.

This is a small update and it doesn’t focus on introducing any new features. However, the update is still important and every VidMate user should make it a top priority because the update improves the overall software stability of the app through bug fixes.