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VidMate – Watch Online Videos Without an Internet Connection


Don’t you hate it that YouTube doesn’t let you download online videos? This makes it impossible for people to watch their favorite online shows while they are traveling because free Wi-Fi is nearly impossible to find and, as we all know, mobile data can be quite expensive in countries such as the US and Canada.

Fortunately for all people who enjoy watching online videos in their spare time, there is an app that gives them the possibility to download online videos from every website or app that they want! The app we are talking about is called VidMate and today we are going to present its best features.

How to Download Online Videos with VidMate

The cool thing about VidMate is not just the fact that it can download online videos, but that it can do it really fast. VidMate downloads full HD videos in a matter of seconds and this is what makes this app a “must-have” on Android devices. In addition, VidMate is simple to use because it ships with a user friendly UI. Therefore, everyone will be able to download their favorite online shows.

Multiple Thread Connections

Considering the fact that VidMate is an app that specializes in download media, no one should be shocked to find out that the developers of the app have spent lots of time tweaking out the software so that VidMate uses the best methods to download media. VidMate relies on multiple thread connections when it downloads online videos which means that the app can boost average speeds up to double the normal time.


VidMate is a fantastic app that provides people with an alternative to watching online videos. VidMate users will never have to worry about connecting their smartphones to Wi-Fi in order to watch an online show because they can simply download it while they are at home and watch it while offline.