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“War Mongrels Renegade Edition” Becomes Physically Available for PlayStation 5 Consoles

Credit: Steam

Madrid-based video games publisher Meridiem Games and Gliwice-based indie games developer Destructive Creations have announced the release of the special boxed Renegade Edition of “War Mongrels” for the PS5 in European specialist stores, according to TGG. The highly anticipated game, which was developed and digitally distributed by Destructive Creations, offers a gripping experience as players embark on a journey through the lesser-known side of World War II. They assume the roles of a group of disillusioned deserters as they have to fight for survival on the harsh Eastern Front.

Meridiem Games takes charge of the design, manufacturing, as well as the European distribution of the special boxed edition, presenting the striking Renegade Edition. Inside this edition, players will find a digital soundtrack of the game, and an art book filled with detailed character biographies, while all of them are housed in a specially designed case adorned with exclusive artwork.

Here’s a description from the developers regarding the War Mongers game, courtesy of the official Steam page:

“Violence, blood, dark themes and bad language to be experienced throughout the whole game, as it realistically portraits the War. Torture and killing of the innocent, shown or implied to be present at places. Gore is present in limited amount. Atmosphere may be found scary by some.”

In “War Mongrels,” players will witness the struggles of a group of fugitives who defected to the Third Reich, and they are now faced with the brutal challenges of the Eastern Front. As they navigate war-torn territories, they have to confront not only physical dangers but also an evil that tests their values and challenges the essence of humanity.

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