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Xiaomi Prepares a Clamshell Foldable Smartphone

Photo by Shiwa ID on Unsplash

The era of the classical single-display smartphones is slowly but surely approaching its end. Although they still represent a standard and significant progress compared to those “ancient” mobile phones with lots of physical buttons that were eventually as heavy as bricks, our traditional smartphones will be replaced in the near future by foldable devices.

The idea of keeping a ‘foldable’ as a smartphone is surely very comfortable: you can fold it when you finish using it and easily slip it into your pocket. Furthermore, you can always have a larger display than those of the usual smartphones. That’s why reading ebooks on a foldable phone can always be a pleasant experience.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 will have a successor

GSMArena has spotted on Weibo that Xiaomi is working on a new foldable clamshell phone. The upcoming device will have to compete with other ‘foldables’ released by brands such as Samsung and Motorola. This move comes as no surprise, as other Chinese brands such as Oppo, Huawei, and Vivo have already released their own versions of flip phones.

Xiaomi aims to stay competitive by offering a thin and light handset that will also be similar to their Mix Fold 2. However, there is even a possibility that the upcoming device, which is rumored to be called the Mix Flip, may only be available in China, based on Xiaomi’s past device availability.

Although there isn’t too much information available regarding the Xiaomi Mix Flip or however the phone shall be called, we can certainly expect to see an elegant design and a powerful processor running on the phone.

It’s also realistic to expect that Xiaomi will create both a powerful and affordable smartphone. The Chinese brand’s upcoming “foldable” will likely carry premium features at the cost of midrange phones.