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Watch Online Videos without Internet via VidMate


If you ever wanted to watch online videos without having to connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi or mobile data, then VidMate is the perfect app for you. The reason we are saying this is because VidMate provides its users with an alternative to watching online videos. This alternative way lets users watch their favorite online videos without needing an internet connection in order to buffer the videos. With that being said, let’s check out how VidMate can do that.

How To Watch Online Videos without Internet

Don’t you hate it when there’s no Wi-Fi around and you can’t connect to the internet? This makes it impossible to access fun apps such as YouTube and you can get bored easily. Luckily, VidMate is here to save the day. VidMate makes it possible for people to watch their favorite online videos without internet and the way to do this is by downloading the said videos.

Download Online Content

For those who are unfamiliar with VidMate, they should know that this app can download online videos from every website! Yes, we really mean every website. This means that VidMate users can download content from popular sources such as YouTube and even social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for example.

Once VidMate users download their favorite videos, they can leave their home and disconnect from the Wi-Fi network and just watch the videos whenever they want because they will be saved on the smartphone’s internal storage space. We should note that VidMate can also download free music and podcasts without any problems.

Simple to Use

The last thing that we want to talk about is the fact that VidMate is simple to use. The app is equipped with a friendly and intuitive UI (user interface) which makes it easy for everyone to download all the online videos that they want.