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Epic Games Says Farewell to “Infinity Blades” and Removes it From the App Store


Even though Epic Games is known for being in charge of Fortnite, this game developer also produces other titles. However, it seems like Fortnite is taking all of Epic Games time because the game developer has started giving up on its other projects such as the Infinity Blades games that were recently taken down from the App Store.

While some might expect Infinity Blades to be listed on the new game store that Epic Games released one week ago, this is not going to be the case. Infinity Blades is being shut down and Epic Games is saying farewell.

Epic Games Says Farewell to Infinity Blades

“Over the next month, we’ll continue to support Infinity Blade III with updated Clash Mobs and other surprises. Fans should be sure to check in frequently for special items. To express our thanks to you, our fans, you can now download the Infinity Blade Stickers app for free. As we bid farewell, be sure to keep your eyes peeled! You may find Infinity Blade popping up in places you wouldn’t expect” said Epic Games in a recent blogpost.

We have to give it to Epic Games for realizing that it cannot offer the same premium level of support that the game needs and that it chose to cancel the project instead of giving fans an average product. Not just that, but Epic Games is also giving out a bunch of Blade Stickers to all fans.

Fortnite is Taking Over

If there’s something that we can understand from this, then it is the fact that Fortnite is taking over the company. The Battle Royale is generating too much revenue and it needs too much attention from the developers which makes it impossible for Epic Games to focus on other games. On the bright side of things, Fortnite fans should be pleased to know that they will keep receiving new content for the years to come.