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Waze Update – The App Will Recognize Your Favorite Roads and Places to Visit


If you spend most of your days on the road, then you are going to love having access to all the features that Waze has to offer. Waze is the ultimate traveling app because it provides users with information about traffic, constructions, police, crashes, and many other reports that are updated in real-time by other users. The information provided by Waze is priceless and more importantly, the app will make sure that you are always driving on the fastest and safest routes.

Waze Update

What makes Waze stand out the most when compared to apps that offer similar services is the constant stream of updates that it benefits from. The developers who are in charge of Waze are always looking for new ways to take the app’s performances to the next level and they are doing this by adding new features, bug fixes, and software tweaks.

The latest update for Waze sports the version number and it is now rolling out via OTA (over the air) channels. Therefore, we are advising all Waze fans to keep their smartphones connected to Wi-Fi or LTE so that they can be among the first ones to get their hands on the improvements that the update brings.

What’s New?

By using Waze regularly, you are helping the app learn what are your favorite roads to drive on and places to visit. This makes it easier for the app to provide you with navigation routes that go through your favorite places. With that said, the new update makes it much easier to save time and avoid traffic by fixing a bug that allows the app to find quicker routes on your favorite roads. Not just that, but the update also introduces a bug fix that helps Waze run faster and have a shorter start-up time.