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Waze’s Latest Update Introduces New Driving Mode and Google Assistant Support


Waze is one of the best apps in the world when it comes to getting navigation routes and what makes it stand out from all the other apps that offer similar features is the fact that Waze lets users interact with the UI (user interface) and add important information such as road stop, police, speed trap and so on.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Google saw Waze as a competitor to Google Maps and it decided to purchase the company. Now, Google has finally started making improvements to Waze and it will do this by introducing a new driving mode and support for Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Support

The Android parent held its highly anticipated I/O 2019 conference yesterday where it announced all its upcoming projects, including a foldable smartphone. One of the most interesting announcements that Google made during the event is that Waze is going to receive support for Google Assistant. This is great news for Waze fans because it means that they will be able to control the app only through vocal commands.

New Driving Mode

The new Driving Mode is going to take advantage of the newly introduced Google Assistant support. The new mode has been designed especially to make it easier for users to control the app and input information without having to lift a finger off the steering wheel.

For example, users who have a dinner reservation saved on their calendar will automatically receive driving directions when they enter the Driving Mode in Waze.

Another fun feature is that when a call is coming in, the Waze user can answer it without needing to touch the display of their smartphone. The new driving mode can be activated by simply saying: “Hey Google, let’s drive”.

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