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WhatsApp Messenger beta is Available in APK Form

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In order to keep in touch with your friends, family, and co-workers, it’s pretty much mandatory to use the same instant-messaging app they do. WhatsApp has roughly 2 billion users worldwide across more than 180 countries, and that says everything there is to know.

You got our point: pretty much everybody is on WhatsApp, which means that you are practically forced to do the same if you want to maintain contact with them.

Download WhatsApp Messenger beta in APK form

WhatsApp Messenger beta is now available in APK form, and pretty much any Android version is compatible with it.

There’s no change log exposed, which means that most probably, the update only brings essential improvements and perhaps some bug fixes as well.

Recently, the app’s groups were improved by allowing a maximum number of participants of 512. On WhatsApp, there are groups based on pretty much any topic you can imagine. If you’re a fan of the stock market, for instance, surely you can find a lot of groups on WhatsApp where people talk about that topic.

Perhaps the best thing about WhatsApp and what makes the app so beloved is its end-to-end encryption. This feature makes it possible for the users to have complete intimacy in their discussions. Nobody, not even the WhatsApp workers, can see what two users are discussing with one another.

WhatsApp remains free to use. If you still have friends who are not using the famous instant-messaging app, you can simply hit the ‘Invite a friend’ option from your WhatsApp account to try to convince them to change their minds.

You don’t even need to register a proper account in order to start using WhatsApp. All you need to start is a phone number, and you’ll instantly get to see what people from your contacts are using the app.