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Google Maps 11.46.0802 APK Brings Improvements and Bug Fixes

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Let’s be honest on this one: hopping into our car or even wandering a new city on foot would be a little weird without using a navigation app such as Google Maps, Waze, or another. But in order to remain as efficient as possible, even such apps need to update their software as much as possible, and it also applies to Google Maps.

Google Maps 11.46.0802 is now available in APK form, and you are free to download it. You can find the update in both an APK bundle or a simple APK file, and both download versions work well on all recent Android versions.

What’s new

Google Maps 11.46.0802 improves the app itself to help the user discover new places and also find out how to reach them. Obviously, a lot of changes occur out there in the real world every day when it comes to institutions, stores, pubs, restaurants, and so on. Google Maps needs to keep pace with those changes, and the only way is through constant updates.

With Google Maps, users can find the exact route to a certain place, mark their destination and find out the distance to it, and a lot more. If, for instance, you get lost in a new city where you just moved, you can simply use the Google Maps app to find out where are the stations for public transport. Thus, you can learn where you can take the train or a bus from, and more.

You can find out about the places where you can have a lot of fun once you’re in a new city, as well. You can learn about local pubs, karaoke bars, amusement parks, playgrounds, video game venues, and a lot more.

The new update comes shortly after the previous 11.44.0906 that came out on August 26 and that we spoke about in a previous article.