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WhatsApp’s Chief Business Officer Has Left the Team


It’s been nearly one year since Brian Action who is the co-founder of WhatsApp has left Facebook and now, the chief business officer of WhatsApp is also leaving the team. Neeraj Arora announced that he is going to part ways with Facebook. What does this mean for WhatsApp? Well, for starters Facebook needs to find another chief business officer to replace Neeraj Arora and to somehow explain why everyone is leaving.

Neeraj Arora Leaves Facebook

“I’ve been blessed to work with a small set of talented people and see how maniacal focus can create something magical which is loved by billions of people. It is time to move on, but I cannot be more proud of how WhatsApp continues to touch people in so many different ways every day. I am confident that WhatsApp will continue to be the simple, secure & trusted communication product for years to come.” Said Neeraj Arora over Facebook.

Worrying Trend

The fact that Facebook’s most important execs are leaving the team is starting a worrying trend for fans of WhatsApp and Facebook itself. Not just that, but the two co-founders of Instagram have left Facebook because they didn’t like the direction in which Facebook was leading Instagram.

What’s interesting about this is that WhatsApp co-founder Brian Action warned everyone that he is leaving because he is concerned about how Facebook is handling user privacy and data. Brian Action tried to let the other execs know that Facebook is not going to listen to them.

Final Words

Nonetheless, we think that WhatsApp is still going to be the same app that we all know and love even though Neeraj Arora has left the team. However, the future of WhatsApp is uncertain since everyone is leaving and this means that the execs are not agreeing with Facebook’s plan for WhatsApp in the future.