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Xbox News: Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC, Minecraft Game Pass and Much More


Microsoft streamed a new Xbox video broadcast today where it revealed lots of exciting news and announcements such as the fact that the highly popular Halo: The Master Chief Collection is going to arrive on PC. Nonetheless, we have watched the one hour long video so that you don’t have to and we are going to present everything that Microsoft announced it its latest broadcast starting with upcoming games and ending with new hardware. With that said, let’s get into it.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is Launch on PC

As previously mentioned, Microsoft has announced that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is going to launch on PC. This was long rumored to happen but now, we finally have confirmation. Moreover, the highly anticipated game is going to be made available for purchase on Steam and obviously, the Microsoft Store. Even though Microsoft has yet to confirm the price tag for the game, we believe that it will cost $30 because this is how much the game costs on Xbox One.

Halo: Reach is Being Included in the Master Chief Collection

One of the main reasons why PC users might want to purchase Halo: The Master Chief Collection is because it will also include Halo: Reach. What’s great about the addition of Halo: Reach to the collection is the fact that fans have been asking for this to happen for a long time. Therefore, this proves to us that Microsoft is listening to the feedback it receives from fans.

We should mention that the Master Chief Collection is going to feature lots of cool campaign and multiplayer elements such as Forge and Theatre. Not only that, but the Firefight mode is being added as well. In addition, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will receive access to the Master Chief Collection for free as long as their subscription is active.

Brand-New Xbox One Controller

Xbox One fans who have been thinking about buying a new controller should be happy to know that a brand-new one is going to hit the markets starting April. The controller is called the “Phantom White Special Edition” and it costs $70. Microsoft describes the design of the new controller as “luxury and sci-fi”.

Minecraft Gets Added to Xbox Game pass

Even though it has been a couple of good years since Microsoft has made any major announcements regarding the Minecraft franchise, we finally have got something! Microsoft announced that Microsoft which is one of the world’s most popular games ever made is going to be introduced in the Xbox Game Pass Library on April 4th.

Project xCloud

The last thing that Microsoft touched on during its Xbox video broadcast is the new Project xCloud technology. This is a streaming service that is going to make it possible for people who don’t own a powerful PC or console to play fun games such as Forza Horizon 4 on all types of devices, including smartphones. Forza Horizon 4 was showcased running on an Android powered device that is connected to an Xbox One controller and the game looks amazing.

Microsoft also wanted to use the Xbox video broadcast as an opportunity to announce that the public trials for xCloud are going to made available later this year. This is great news for Xbox fans who enjoy mobile gaming because this means that they will be able to test out Project xCloud for themselves during the upcoming months. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t announce the exact date for when the Project xCloud public trials are going to open and we still have to wait a little longer before this happens.