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Apple’s New Streaming Service Will Have 100 Million Subs, According to Industry Analysts


We reported yesterday that Apple has announced a new conference for the date of March 25th. Apple is going to use the conference in order to announce its highly anticipated Apple TV video streaming service and our conclusion was that Apple is going to have a difficult time competing against Netflix. Well, it looks like industry analysts believe that Apple actually stands a chance against Netflix.

Apple TV Streaming Service

Even though yesterday was the first time that Apple confirmed the existence of the new streaming service, we already knew that this was coming. Apple has hired directors to create movies that are going to be exclusively available on its new streaming service.

Not just that, but Apple also purchased the rights to some movies from events such as the Cannes. Nonetheless, this shows us that industry analysts have a pretty good idea of what Apple’s upcoming service has to offer and they can form a good opinion.

100 Million Subscribers

The folks at Wedbush analyzed the market and they come to the conclusion that getting 100 million subscribers within a year is a mid-term goal for Apple.

“l. If Apple executes with minimal speed bumps and aggressively acquires content given the company’s massive installed base and unmatched brand loyalty we believe reaching 100 million subs in the medium term (3 to 5 years) is a realistic goal that could translate into a $7 billion to $10 billion annual revenue stream over time for Apple and further cement its installed base and halo effect,” said the report from Wedbush.

Exclusive Content

From the looks of it, the only way that Apple can bet Netflix and other streaming services is by aggressively acquiring content and making it exclusive to its own streaming service. Apple has the funds to do this, all that remains is to be seen how Apple decides to invest in the entertainment industry.