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Xbox Series S Gets Upgraded to 1TB of Storage Space

Credit: Microsoft

Sure, gaming on a powerful laptop or desktop computer is cool, but for some folks out there, it’s light-years better on a console! Without intending to start a “console vs. PC” dispute, we have to announce that the good old Xbox Series S gaming machine will receive a storage upgrade.

We need to emphasize that we’re talking about the “little brother” of the Xbox Series X flagship. Playing titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA 5 on a gaming machine that has below 1TB of storage space just isn’t fun anymore in 2023, and we all know it deep down. Microsoft knows it as well, which is why it brings a storage upgrade to the Series S console.

Xbox Series S will receive a new color and a 1TB SSD

Beginning September 1st, Microsoft is set to unveil an upgraded iteration for its Xbox Series S gaming console. This enhanced version will boast a spacious 1TB SSD for ample storage capacity. Alongside the hardware upgrade, the console will also sport a sleek new aesthetic with the introduction of Carbon Black as a new color option.


Those who are hardcore gamers are in for a treat with the Xbox Series S console, as it promises lightning-fast loading times, impressive frame rates of up to 120FPS, as well as the added bonus of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. With an extensive library of captivating games available on the Series S, players will have countless adventures to explore.

The pricing for the new Xbox Series S variant is set at $349 (ERP), positioning it as a highly cost-effective option compared to flagship smartphones. This means that eager gamers have the chance to immerse themselves in captivating virtual worlds without breaking the bank, thanks to the affordability and efficiency of the new Series S console.