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Xender – How to Share Files from iPhone to Android


There are many advantages that using an iPhone brings such as being the first to receive Apple’s latest software updates which are always packed with cool features and performance enhancing software tweaks. Although, there is a big downside to using an iPhone. The downside is that iPhone users don’t have any official way of sharing files with their friends or family members who might own an Android powered smartphone. This goes both ways since Google’s is also restricting all Android powered smartphones from interacting directly with iPhones.

Luckily, there is an app that can make file sharing a much easier task. The app that we are talking about is called Xender and it can remove all operating system restrictions. With that said, today we are going to present a step by step guide on how iPhone users can share files with Android powered smartphones.

How to Share Files from iPhone to Android

  1. Open Xender on the Android smartphone;
  2. Tap on the “Send” option;
  3. Now, users will need to give permission to the app and then tap on the “Enable Hotspot” option;
  4. Open Xender on the iPhone and tap on the “Receive” option;
  5. The iPhone should now display a barcode scanner;
  6. Use the Android smartphone to scan the barcode;
  7. Join the Android hotspot created before by the Android smartphone by accessing it in the iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings;
  8. The two smartphones are now connected and users can share any types of files that they want.

Final Words

Even though the pairing process between an iPhone and an Android powered smartphone might be a little complicated at first, Xender users don’t have to worry about it too much because the two devices will remain paired and they will connect instantly afterward.