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SnapTube – How to Download Videos Directly to the microSD Card


SnapTube is a great app that has made a name for itself in the Android community by letting users download all the online videos that they want. Not just that, but SnapTube can download multiple types of online media which includes free music and podcasts. People who decide to give SnapTube a try will be able to fill up their smartphone’s internal storage space with lots of entertaining online videos that can now be watched while offline. This is why SnapTube is considered to be the perfect app against boredom.

However, people who use mid-range smartphones that ship with a low amount of internal storage space should consider downloading video with SnapTube directly on their microSD card and today we are going to show everyone how this can be done.

How to Download Online Videos on the MicroSD Card

Fortunately for people who can’t afford a high-end smartphone that ships with 64GB of internal storage space, they can always download videos, music and podcasts directly on their microSD card. With that said, here is how everyone can do it:

  • Open SnapTube and then tap on the options menu which is located in the upper left side;
  • Tap on the “Settings” button which can be found in the bottom side of the menu;
  • Now, tap on “Download Settings” and then tap once again on “Download Path”;
  • All that is left now is to pick between “Internal Storage” and “External Storage” with the latter one being the microSD.

Final Words

Downloading online videos with SnapTube is easy and downloading them directly on the microSD card is even easier. The cool thing about this is that SnapTube users will never have to worry about deleting private pictures or apps in order to make room for online videos. Not only that, but the recently downloaded videos can also be exported easier.