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Xiaomi’s Electric Car Was Spotted For The First Time


Local media in China reports that Xiaomi, a major smartphone maker in China, is developing not one but two electric cars (EVs), with the first type seeking to rival with Tesla’s Model 3 sedan. The first release, internally dubbed “Modena,” is expected to be more powerful and luxurious than the Tesla Model S at a cost comparable to XPeng’s P7.

According to rumors, the company is contemplating offering two versions of the car. The more cheap version is supposed to use a consumer-friendly 400V BYD lithium iron phosphate battery pack. Together with Continental, a German firm, it will contain a plethora of sensors, including cameras and 5 mmWave radars, much like the 2021 Li Auto Li ONE.

The more expensive model will employ CATL’s Qilin Battery, which has an 0-80% charge time and is designed on a high-voltage 800V architecture. It’ll have an Nvidia Orin X CPU, LiDAR, and algorithms from Xiaomi. Both variants’ intelligent cockpits will be driven by Qualcomm 8295 processors, which will make their debut on the Jidu ROBO-01 later this year.

With the “Le mans” code name, Xiaomi’s second production car is expected to arrive in 2025. It will be powered by three motors, all of which will be controlled by proprietary software developed by Xiaomi. Like the first, this one will be based on a solid foundation.
Xiaomi announced its entry into the automobile business in March 2021-202. The company plans to spend $1.5 billioninitially, with a further RMB 10 billion ($10 billion) to be invested over the next decade.

In November of 2021, the business secured a deal with the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area Management Committee to construct a acility in Yizhuang, as well as a sales and research and development base.

The factory is scheduled to begin full-scale production in 2024, and will be built in two stages, each having an annual capacity of 150,000 cars.