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YouTube 15.40.37 Beta Update – Start Streaming Your Favorite Videos!


YouTube is one of the best apps that you can install on your smartphone and there is no doubt about that. The reason behind this is that YouTube is the world’s biggest video streaming platform and it provides users with access to an endless source of entertaining content. With that being said, today we have some great news to share with YouTube fans who use the Android version of the app. A brand-new update has arrived.

YouTube 15.40.37 Beta Update

Since there is more than one billion people who use the mobile version of YouTube, then it should come as no surprise to find out that the developers who are in charge of the app are constantly releasing new updates that take its performances to the next level. There is no room for error when so many people rely on YouTube to get their entertainment.

The latest update for YouTube sports the 15.40.37 beta version number and it is rolling out via OTA (over the air) channels. Therefore, we are advising all YouTube fans to keep their smartphones connected to Wi-Fi so that they can be among the first ones to get the update and all the improvements that it brings.

In addition, YouTube’s developers are allowing everyone who is willing to provide reliable feedback to join the beta program at the cost of nothing.

What’s New?

As previously noted, the mobile version of YouTube is updated on a regular basis with improvements. This is the case for the latest 15.40.37 beta update because it introduces a bundle of bug fixes and “under the hood” software tweaks. The video streaming app is going to run smoother and the chances of dealing with glitches, random crashes will be much smaller after installing the new update.