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YouTube 17.36.36 beta is Available in APK Form

Source: Unsplash

YouTube is once again going through some changes, and this time it’s the Android app that has been updated. The new version is 17.36.36 beta, which means that you can certainly already be on the lookout for it if you’re using an Android phone.

The new update is available in two download options, and both of them are worthy of attention if you ask us. There’s the simple APK file that requires 123MB of storage space and also the APK bundle that demands 105.68MB.

Minimum requirements

The basic and pretty much only requirement that you need to be aware of if you’re aiming to install the new YouTube 17.36.36 beta APK is that your device needs to run on at least Android 8. Both download options were built on a universal architecture.

The new update doesn’t bring any new features, most probably, but even so, installing it can’t be a bad idea. Software apps release updates very often only to ensure that everything works as planned.

With the YouTube app for Android, you can do pretty much anything else that you can do while using the desktop version. You can learn to cook, for instance, as there are countless channels about food and how to make it. You can learn how to create a website, as there are channels teaching you web development and programming using languages such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, and more.

You can use YouTube to see your favorite comedy movies and stand-up comedy materials. You can watch the latest news about sports, society, technology, astronomy, and a lot more.

But YouTube is a lot more than just a place where you can see what others do. You can even provide your own content there, and if many people will find you interesting and you reach at least 1,000 subscribers, you’ll even get to earn money by simply posting content about what you love! It can be cooking, chess lessons, a simple vlog about your everyday life or your pet, pretty much anything!