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YouTube is Testing New “Free Premium Subscription” Option


Even though Twitch is a live-streaming platform that is focusing on gaming, YouTube is still feeling threatened by it. YouTube is always looking for new ways to improve the services that it offers and to outshine its competition. This is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to find out that YouTube has now started to give out free Premium subscriptions. This is the same thing that Twitch is doing with free channel subscriptions for Amazon Prime users.

YouTube is Offering Free Premium Subscriptions

Multiple reports from YouTube users are showing that they are receiving the option to choose a free channel membership. This membership is worth up to $5 per month and it works similarly to a Twitch channel subscription. The interesting thing about this feature is that only a limited number of YouTube users have received the option to subscribe for free.

From the looks of it, YouTube is currently testing out the free premium subscription option. Therefore, YouTube users should keep their eyes peeled at the options that they are given when trying to purchase a premium subscription because the option to do it for free might be available to all users in the upcoming future.

Twitch Streamers are Leaving

Content is king and the only advantage that Twitch has over its competitors is a large number of entertaining streamers. However, the live-streaming platform’s most popular celebrities are now leaving for Microsoft’s Mixer and of course, YouTube.

This leads us to believe that the reason why YouTube is testing free premium subscriptions is because it wants to give Twitch streamers additional reasons to come over.

It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing that YouTube is signing multi-million dollar deals with famous Twitch streamers the same way that Mixer is doing.