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Spotify’s “Community” Will Let You See Your Friends’ Activity In Real Time

Credit: Unsplash

The “Community” function, which will be available to users of the Spotify app for mobile devices, is presently in development by Spotify.

The new tool will make it possible for users to more effectively monitor their friends by enabling them to see what their friends are listening to in real-time and to follow their most recent playlists.

Mobile users may access this new Community feature by entering “spotify:community” into the Safari browser on their iOS device. This feature is not yet available to the general public in the app itself; but, mobile users can access it.

How does it work?

When you go to the section of the app called Community, you’ll find a line of Playlist Updates across the top of the page. Below that, there will be a list of friends that you can scroll through that shows what they’re listening to right now, together with timestamps that indicate when they were listening to that particular track.

Those users who are currently listening will see an animated music equalization bar beside the name and the song they are now listening to. In such a case, the screen will inform you of the times when your buddy listened to Spotify as well as the content that they streamed. You can now examine the most recent contributions to your playlists thanks to an update that Spotify made to the Community page. The change introduced timestamps to the playlist updates.

Recent testing indicates that not all aspects of the functionality are now operational. At this time, you are able to touch on the playlists to view the list of songs; but, clicking on a friend’s music does not allow you to play the song as well. This is something that will most likely alter if and when the functionality is made accessible to the general public.

As of right now, the “Community” function is still in the initial test phase, which indicates that there is a significant amount of time still to go until Spotify officially launches it.