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Alex Choi: Influencer’s Net Work, Personal Life & More

Credit: Alex Choi

Alex Choi is well-known online. Because of his refined taste in exotic automobiles, he has gained a large following on Instagram and YouTube. As of the year 2022, it is estimated that Alex Choi has a net worth of one million dollars.

Personal Life

On October 25th, 1999, Alex was brought into this world. He was taken to Los Angeles, California, while he was still a little child, despite the fact that he was born in Seoul, which is located in South Korea. His family has a lot of money, but they don’t talk much about it.

Choi’s life before he became involved in social media is mostly unknown, with the exception of the facts surrounding his birth. It is unknown which school the young guy attended in order to complete his schooling.

Some people believe that his parents, who are reported to be quite wealthy, were the ones who put money into their son’s choice to generate content out of luxury automobiles. This is because his parents are known to be highly successful in business.


Alex Choi has not yet shared any details with the public about his romantic relationships. However, there is widespread conjecture that he is romantically involved with Emelia Hartford. She is also an actor and a writer in addition to being a content developer.

Because the two are often seen together, many people have the assumption that they are dating. Emilia has made many appearances in videos that were created by Choi. Neither one of them has, however, refuted nor validated these reports in any way.


The establishment of Choi’s Instagram account marked the beginning of his career in the field of social media. In 2016, he started publishing articles and other content on social networking sites regarding high-end supercars. After waiting another year, he started producing other kinds of material.

In 2017, he started actively posting videos to his YouTube account. From the beginning, he had his sights set on producing films that were linked to automobiles. And with that, he gradually but surely gained the attention that he so desperately desired.

Alex’s video titled “Lamborghini Launch Control Reaction Compilation” was the catalyst for the channel’s sudden surge in popularity after it was released. It is still the video with the highest views on Choi’s channel at this time. He has now attained 801,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1 million followers on Instagram.

Alex Choi’s fame led to an increase in the size of his collection of luxury automobiles, which is now comprised of a Lamborghini Huracan, a BMW M7, a McLaren 720s, and an Audi RS7. At the moment, he has a total of four automobiles, and most of them have had various customizations applied to them.

In addition to that, he generates views by posting videos of himself doing insane vehicle stunts that only daredevils would try. The most recent one that he has uploaded is a vlog that records someone else jumping their Tesla Model S. When it occurred, fortunately, no one was hurt; nevertheless, the accident did cause damage to two automobiles that were parked on the street.

In addition to creating videos, the influencer who was born in Korea also generates money by selling merchandise to his audience. Although he is recognized for wearing costly clothing, he also sells tees and hoodies that he has designed himself.

How much does Alex earn?

It is believed that Alex earns between $115,000 and $250,000 annually from the advertisements that appear on YouTube. In addition to that, we do not know how much he makes through merchandise sales, sponsorship partnerships, and his Instagram account.

On the other hand, his fortune takes a significant hit due to his extensive automobile collection, which requires a lot of upkeep. Simply repairing the Lamborghini might set you back anything from $10,000 to $50,000. Additionally, he has disclosed that every year he receives around three fines for speeding. Despite this, his total wealth is one million dollars.