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Marla Maples: How Much Money Is Worth The Ex Wife Of Trump?

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American actress, singer, model, and TV host Marla Ann Maples. Trump married her as his second wife. Maples and Trump wed in 1993 after having an affair when Donald and Ivana Trump were still married. They were married for roughly four years before Trump decided to run for president. Tiffany, the only child of the marriage, was born in 1993.

Marla Maples got a divorce settlement of roughly $1 million. If the Trumps divorced in less than five years, the prenuptial agreement stated that Maples would only get $1 million. She lost out on a greater settlement since the pair announced their split just before their fourth wedding anniversary.

CelebrityNetWorth claims that Maples asked for $25 million in a divorce settlement but ended up with only $1 million and another $1 million to go toward a new house. Their daughter Tiffany got $100,000 in child support every year until she was 21.

While filing for divorce from Maples, Trump allegedly exaggerated his wealth. Even though he was probably not a billionaire, he said his net worth was $1.17 billion. According to reports, Trump would be penalized under the prenuptial agreement if he ever tried to hide money from Maples or seriously understated his riches.

Maples did not amass her fortune exclusively as a result of her marriage to the famous businessman Trump. She has also appeared in a number of TV series.

How does she use her money?

For a long time, Maples has been dedicated to helping many nonprofit organizations. She has been a staunch supporter of Kids Creating Peace, an organization that brings together Israeli and Palestinian kids, for many years. She also serves on the advisory board for AWARENYC.org. It’s a grassroots group based in New York City with an international focus on bettering the lives of women and girls via education, advocacy, and fundraising. Also, she’s a big fan of the Louis Armstrong Health and Music Research Center.