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All Harry Potter Games, Including Hogwarts Legacy, Have Been Banned By Games Done Quick.

Credit: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy, the newest video game based on the immensely successful Harry Potter property, had its release not too long ago and was immediately received with a great deal of criticism. The controversy surrounding the game is mostly attributable to the personal politics of the game’s original developer, J.K. Rowling, which are primarily focused on transgender problems.

Despite this, the game has been a huge commercial success, as shown by the fact that its active player count on Steam has already surpassed that of Fallout 4 before the game has even been released officially. It reached approximately 900,000 concurrent users at its all-time high, which places it only behind Cyberpunk 2077 as the second biggest single player launch for Steam.

Yet, despite its best efforts, Hogwarts Legacy has not been able to win back the goodwill of all gaming fans. Games Done Fast, a well-known charity that promotes speedrunning, has imposed a restriction on the use of it and the other Harry Potter video games as entries for the opportunity to compete in their races as one of the runners.

Their list of games that are not permitted on their stream includes those that they have determined to have inappropriate viewpoints, material, or origins for their broadcast. This contains a variety of other games, such the Five Nights at Freddy’s series and God of War, among others (2005).

In the case of Harry Potter, this is very probably in reference to J.K. Rowling’s points of view.  Despite the fact that her views have been public knowledge for quite some time at this point, it seems that she has recently modified them. This indicates that the recent debate over Hogwarts Legacy most certainly had a role in the decision to make this adjustment.

Games Done Fast has been known to base its selections on political considerations on more than one occasion. They decided not to do the GDQ 2023 event that was going to be held in person owing to the rules that Florida has about school policies.