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American Gods: What Will Actually Happen To The Show

Credit: American Gods

After three seasons, the television show American Gods went through a time of change that was quite turbulent. The program constantly looked to be on the point of being canceled, what with cast members departing or even being fired, showrunners moving, and various delays. Finally, in March of this year, fans found out that the show will not be extended for a fourth season.

After the decision to terminate the show was made, Starz released a press statement in which they explained that there would not be a fourth season of American Gods.

In the months that have passed since Gaiman shared his excitement for the program back in March, there hasn’t been much word on whether or not the show would find a new home; nonetheless, there has been some conjecture around this topic.

Earlier in 2019, Gaiman and showrunner Charles “Chic” Eglee were working on plans for the fourth season of the program, but those preparations came to a grinding stop as the show was scrapped owing to poor ratings. Gaiman and Eglee were making plans for the fourth season of the show. However, there is ongoing conjecture that the series may end with either a TV movie or anything else along those lines rather than a traditional conclusion.

This kind of thing has occurred in the past as well, despite the fact that we haven’t heard much about it in the recent past. For instance, when NBC decided to terminate their time-traveling television series Timeless, the show’s audience went on a rampage, and the plot was finally resolved in a film that was distributed in 2012. After being canceled by NBC, the show Manifest was eventually picked up by Netflix for a fifth and final season consisting of twenty episodes each. This is precisely what occurred.