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Android 12 Update Released On Samsung’s Entry-Level Galaxy M01

Credit: Denny Müller on Unsplash

Samsung has released the Android 12 update for the entry-level Galaxy M01 smartphone, which will be available in 2020.

The newly released firmware, M015GXXU4CVF6, includes the security patch for June 2022 as well as OneUI 4.0. It is important to note that this version of Samsung’s OneUI does not include all of the features that are available on Samsung’s more costly handsets; nevertheless, it does provide a significant graphical upgrade when compared to the currently installed version of Android 11 on the Galaxy M01.

Users in India should now be able to access the updated version. In the next weeks, it should also become available in other markets.

The Galaxy M01, which began its life with Android 10 in June of 2020, will not get another operating system upgrade after this one. However, Samsung will continue to provide the device with updates that correct security vulnerabilities.

Android 12

Android is one of Google’s most significant projects in recent years, including a plethora of innovative new features in addition to a significant redesign. If you have a phone that is compatible with the update, you should be able to install it on your device. Because this is a complete release, you shouldn’t run across any significant problems or bugs.

With Android 12, Google plans to shake things up a little bit by totally revamping parts of the UI’s visual aspects, giving the operating system a new appearance, a new feel, and a new way to respond to the on-screen movements and button presses you make.
The new lock screen clock is likely to be the first thing that comes to your attention when you turn on a phone that is running Android 12 for the very first time. When there are no alerts on your phone’s screen, a giant digital clock will appear in the middle of the display. It will have all the attention.

Notifications have also been given a significant facelift in terms of their look. Notification windows now have a different appearance, and they are automatically grouped together according to the app.