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Apple Is Adding Audiobooks Read By AI To Its Collection

Credit: Apple

One of the services that the company that made the iPhone seems to ignore is Apple Books. At regular intervals, the corporation rolls out a couple of brand-new enhancements. Besides a recent style refresh, the app hasn’t been significantly updated in years. The company has quietly unveiled a fresh addition to Books.

Audiobooks may be made from an ebook file using Apple Books’ digital narration, which combines cutting-edge voice synthesis technology with the efforts of teams of linguists, quality control professionals, and audio engineers. Apple has been at the forefront of cutting-edge voice technology for quite some time, and has recently adapted this technology for extended reading sessions.

The Cupertino company uses AI to produce audiobooks of books already available on Apple Books. If you’re familiar with the process, you know that producing an audiobook with a human narrator may take a lot of time and money. Using AI, self-published writers may produce audiobooks without having to get funding from sources that may be out of reach. Audiobooks produced by AI may not have the same natural sound or level of immersion as human-read books, but they are still a great help to those who can’t read.

In addition to traditionally narrated audiobooks, digitally narrated volumes are a great resource for expanding the reach of audio to as many books and listeners as possible. In keeping with its original mission, Apple Books will keep adding to its selection of human-narrated audiobooks in order to highlight and celebrate the power of this kind of storytelling.

Currently, the organization provides a selection of voice tones appropriate for a wide range of genres and themes. Writers who want to have their novels converted may do so via one of two Apple partners. The eBook must be written in English, be available on Apple Books, and fall under either the romance or fiction major categories. After a request has been reviewed, the author decides on a publication date. Nonetheless, pre-orders are not currently available.