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Bayonetta 3: Reliable Leaker Claims The Game Will Be Out In October

Credit: PlatinumGames

Bayonetta 3, which is one of the most widely awaited first-party Nintendo titles, has been held back from release for an inexplicably extended period of time. Bayonetta 3’s release date had been rumored to be somewhere in 2022;now, a leaker with a strong track record has suggested a seemingly believable Bayonetta 3 Release Date. According to their tweet, the launch date for Bayonetta 3 is October 28.

A possible release window for Bayonetta 3 in 2022 has been revealed.

For a number of years and many months, it was unknown when Bayonetta 3 will be released, but it appears that we may at long last have some data that can be considered reliable.

This information was obtained by a new leaker by the name of Syluxhunter2, who previously established himself as a credible source by correctly predicting the key features of the Nintendo Mini-Direct.

Besides the leaks that are described above, Syluxhunter2 includes a large number of other successful leaks. They had the accurate assumption that, rather than an announcement of Mario Kart 9, further downloadable content will be provided for Mario Kart 8:

The fact that they already have a solid track record makes it more likely that Bayonetta 3 will be released at the date suggested in one of the tweets.

As we haven’t heard anything about the game since its promo clip several months ago, we may have to wait till a future Nintendo presentation to find out whether or not the 28th of October will in fact be the debut date for the game. A probable launch date for the game is October 28.

As always, it is advised not to get excited by this speculation for the time being until official confirmation of the launch date is made by either Nintendo or Platinum Games.