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Bungie’s Employees Celebrate with Champagne After Parting Ways with Activision


The latest news in the gaming world is that Bungie (creator of Destiny 2) has managed to part ways with Activision, the giant company that owns most of our favorite game franchises. Most companies which are tied up to a larger shareholder can’t even dream about getting rid of that company, but Bungie somehow did it.

This is such a big accomplishment that Bungie has received cheers from all gaming communities and not just that, reports are showing that the employees have celebrated this departure with champagne.

Bungie Employees Celebrate with Champagne

Despite Activision being involved with some of the most famous gaming franchise in the world, the company gets a bad reputation for the way it conducts business. Activision is infamous for making game developers focus on the financial aspect of gaming and not on creating new content. This is why Bungie’s employees were so happy to get rid of Activision that they started popping champagne in their offices.

Can Blizzard Get Rid of Activision Too?

Everyone who is a fan of Blizzard is blaming Activision for the way that World of Warcraft’s latest expansion Battle For Azeroth has been feeling. The new expansion is filled with bad game mechanics that players hate and this has caused World of Warcraft’s subscription numbers to drop at an all-time low. With that being said, all Blizzard fans are hoping that their favorite game developer can part ways with Bungie too.

On the downside of things, the connection between Blizzard and Activision is not similar to Bungie. Therefore, Blizzard is not going to have an easy time parting ways with Activision and, in fact, we don’t think that this ever going to happen.

Final Words

Bungie gave hope to all other game developers who are being led in the wrong direction by bigger companies. Let’s hope that more game developers decide to follow the trend started by Bungie and choose to go their own paths.