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Chromium-Based Edge: How to Enable Dark Mode


We reported yesterday that Microsoft has started the testing process for its new Chromium-based version of the Edge browser. The great thing about this is that Microsoft is allowing everyone to access the early version of Chromium-based Edge and not only Windows Insider members. Nonetheless, the reason why we are talking about Chromium-based Edge today is because the folks at “HowToGeek” have discovered that the new browser features a full Dark Mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode

The new browser can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website. After downloading and installing the beta version of Chromium-based Edge, the next step is to open a new tab and type in the following command: “edge://flags”, now hit the Enter key. This will open the flags page where you can pick and choose what flags you want to enable in order to customize your browsing experience.

The next step is to find the “Microsoft Edge theme” option and then change the setting from “Default” to “Enabled”. After doing this, the browser will prompt you to restart it. This is going to take only a couple of seconds and when Chromium-based Edge comes back, it will feature a full Dark Mode.

We should also mention that if the Dark Mode is not enabled at first, then this means that the Windows light theme is turned on. Luckily, this theme can be disabled really quick by right clicking on the desktop and choosing the “personalize” option. All that is left now is to click on “Colors’ and select the “Dark” option.

4K Video Streaming

Now that we presented how to enable the Dark Mode for Chromium-based Edge, we also want to let everyone know that the new version of the browser will support 4K streaming. This is great news for Chromium-based Edge users who enjoy watching shows on apps such as Netflix and HBO Go.