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Chromium-Based Edge is Now Available for Testing


A leak revealed back in February that Microsoft is working on a brand-new version of its Edge browser that is based on Chromium. Luckily, Microsoft is not the type of company to keep its products secret from the customers and it announced that the new version of Edge will be available to test by everyone in April.

Well, it looks like Microsoft wasn’t kidding because everyone can install and try out the new Chromium-based browser right now, even people who are not enlisted in the Windows Insider Program.

Chromium-Based Edge

Microsoft announced earlier today that the Dev and Canary versions of Chromium-based Edge are available to test out. The cool thing about this is that Microsoft is not forcing anyone to enroll in the Windows Insider Program in order to get access to the beta browser. Everyone who wants to can test out the Dev and Canary versions of Chromium-based Edge by downloading them from Microsoft Edge Insider Website.

We should mention that Microsoft also announced that the official Beta version of its new browser will arrive “soon”. Although, Microsoft is infamous for the fact that “coming soon” sometimes means years when it comes to Windows software.

Dev Channel Version

According to multiple use reports, the Dev Channel version of Edge is the more stable one. Therefore, we are advising all Microsoft fans who want to test out the new Edge to go for the Dev Channel option instead of the Canary one. On the other hand, the Canary version is updated every day and this is also the reason why its software is not stable.

Google Chrome Extensions are Supported

Since the new Edge is based on Chromium, it should come as no surprise that all existing Google Chrome extensions are going to be supported. This is great news for Microsoft fans who enjoy being able to customize their web browsing experience.